• Voluma-Giving the most volume, Voluma XC is the longest lasting HA filler available. This lasts up to 2 years. Juvederm Voluma XC is the most common treatment for cheek definition. It is also used for temple filling, and other areas of great volume loss.

*$750 per syringe

  • Vollure- lasts for up to 18 months and can smooth deep lines. This treatment is mostly used to inject into facial tissue showing moderate to severe wrinkling and fold. Most common area is nasolabial folds.

*$650 per syringe

  • Volbella-This subtle filler also has lasting affects of up to 1 year. Intended for the lips, Juvederm Volbella helps to soften the appearance of lip lines and adds a subtle fullness.

*$650 per syringe

  • Ultra Plus-The longest lasting HA filler for lips! Juvederm Ultra XC shows lasting results for up to 1 year. Lip fullness varies from person to person, but with Ultra XC, we can help you achieve the pout you have been waiting for! Intended for lips and perioral area.

*$550 per syringe

Revance RHA

  • RHA 2- Dermal filler that leaves a subtle change. This filler is not as thick as others, and great for people who want subtle lips.
  • RHA 3- Dermal filler that is medium thickness. This is great for plumping lips, filling in nasolabial folds, and correcting a downturned mouth.
  • RHA 4- This is a thick dermal filler. Great for filling in deep laugh lines and cheeks.