Skin care products that are formulated to address aging, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and tone and texture. Has a line specially formulated for acne treatment. Full kits available with everything needed to start a skin care regimen.

Skin Medica

Skin care products that specialize in rejuvenating skin and promoting long term skin health. These products contain growth factors to correct signs of aging. Most popular products include TNS advanced serum, Ha5 serum, and TNS recovery complex.

iS Clinical

iS Clinical: An innovative global skincare brand that bridges the gap between science and beauty. This line is highly effective and delivers dramatic improvements to the skin. This line is great for treating aging skin as well as restoring dry and dull skin. Is Clinical comes with a line of facials that we offer as well.

Altar Beauty

The powerful effects of this skin care come from SBD-4, a concentrated distillate of the plant Angelica Sinensis. When Altar is used, the SBD-4 combined with avocado oil, shea butter, silk and other natural products cause dramatic healing, repairing, and age reversing effects that you are guaranteed to love.

This therapy promotes collagen synthesis to improve fine lines and wrinkles, promotes neovascularization to improve skin tone and texture, enhances and preserved results from Vampire procedures and helps heal eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.


*$100 add on to any Vampire or Micro-needling Procedure.