Normatec Recovery

Available for arms, legs and hips

For years, the worlds most elite athletes have used massage technology to provide powerful and effective compression therapy. The Physiological benefits of this FDA cleared device maximizes performance and longevity while reducing pain and soreness, increasing circulation, improving range of motion and decreasing muscle fatigue. Also beneficial as a form of effective compression and massage to increase lymphatic drainage.

Price is $1/minute of usage.

$150 per month for unlimited usage per area.

Celluma LED Light Therapy

This FDA approved light therapy improves cellular health to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

ACNE: Blue LED therapy

The persistent medical condition of acne can affect multiple parts of your body and although doesn’t effect physical health it is an unwanted strain on lives every day. When those pesky breakouts happen, LED therapy offers a wonderful option for a fast result. With 50 million people affected, blue light therapy is a scientific breakthrough many of us need. LED therapy works by killing acne-causing bacteria that are beneath the surface of the skin. The wavelengths produced through this therapy are clinically-proven and FDA approved emits that provide an all natural treatment to kill bacteria, decrease inflammation androskin tone, texture and clarity.

ANTI AGING: Red LED therapy

We all know the affects of aging on our skin. From decreases in elastin and collagen to melasma and skin deterioration. This LED therapy works to generate cellular energy inside your body to create ATP. When these levels are sufficient, the body has more energy to spend on restorative processes such as collagen and elastin production. In addition it causes:

*Cell generation to replace old cells
*Reduction and prevention of cell death
*Development of new capillaries
*Increased blood flow
*Enhanced Nitric Oxide production

Pain: Infrared LED therapy

It is estimated that 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain. This FDA approved therapy works to naturally improve these ailments. Infrared light offers benefits clinically proven to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to target muscle and joint pain. The wavelengths stimulate a response in human tissue to increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, ease muscle pain, relieve joint stiffness and enhance cell performance on a microscopic level.
*All needed and recommended Celluma therapies differ per patient.

Oxygen Bar

Enjoy 95% oxygen infused with the aroma of your choice to get your day going or to simply relax after a long one. The natural air we breath contains 21% oxygen. Inhaling pure oxygen for a short amount of time can boost energy levels, relieve stress, improve mood and concentration, improve sports performance, provide relief for headaches and migraines and promote better sleep. Choose your aroma to enhance your experience to fit your needs.
*Not intended to replace any medical treatment.

*Price is $1 per minute and is $100 unlimited monthly access to our bar.